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Friday, August 3, 2012

Think before you choose random life insurance!

Despite the fact that there are so many people who have been using life insurance, there are still so many other people who do not have any life insurance protection. Most of these people say that they do not know what to do when get life insurance quotes. Moreover, they are often confused about the steps of getting an insurance deal, and within this confusion, they randomly pick any life insurance deal that appears before their eyes. Well, if you do this too, I have to say that you have just made the worst decision in your life related to life insurance deal.

Choosing random life insurance deal will only bring misery in your life. Most of the people who buy random life insurance deal will regret their decision. Eventually, they have to admit that they have been paying for something that they do not really need. If you want to avoid making this kind of decision, you need to determine you need for life insurance. To make you easier to pick, I will inform you that there are two kinds of insurance deals; the whole life insurance and the term life insurance program. Choose one of them based on your need. 

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Why Are For-Profit Universities So Popular?

The For-Profit Schools (University of Phoenix, Strayer University, Capella University, Kaplan University, Northcentral University, etc.) continue to be very popular choices for adult learners. University of Phoenix is now approaching 500,000 students (online and on-campus), equaling the number of students attending all California State Universities.
The For-Profit universities attract working professionals with tuition assistance programs (TAP) at their companies. These TAP programs reimburse part or all their employees' education. However, the For-Profits also attract military personnel, new college students and other adult learners.
WHY? Generally, for-profits are more expensive than local state colleges. These schools are generally not considered "prestigious" universities and are not listed as "Top Schools" by US News and World Report or Business Week. Rarely do their academic departments gain departmental accreditation.
So, what makes For-Profit Colleges so popular? Here are some main reasons:
1) Advertising. These schools have money to put ads in magazines, newspapers, radio and even TV. The advertising touts these schools as "the best" or "one of the best". Any Internet search on "online schools", "top accredited schools" or "best MBA programs" will show these For-Profit Schools in the listings. Prospective students may not realize that the school shows up because the school has PAID to show up on the lists.
2) Marketing. The For-Profits do a good job working with corporations to obtain corporate/university partnerships. With these partnerships, the company gains discounted tuition for their employees. Some of these colleges work with the company's training department to evaluate corporate classes into college credits.
3) Customer Service. If a request for information is sent to a for-profit school, a representative will call or email that prospective client back immediately. This may not be the case with local state or private schools. Some state schools' departmental budgets have been so severely cut that there is no money for personnel to call back inquiries or answering general questions. Also part of customer service is to make it very easy for prospective students to enroll. Some for-profits assist in obtaining former transcripts. Most of these schools do not require an admission test.
4) Shorter Path to Graduation. For-profit schools have options for gaining credits for life and work experience and ways to help adult learners finish their degrees faster. There are accelerated programs, online classes, and hybrid courses (online plus a few on-campus meetings). The schools provide options for assessing life/work experience, testing out of classes or easy ways for military personnel to move their military classes and training into college credits.
Walmart recently selected American Public University, an online, for-profit university as their educational partner. APU was selected over other online schools, state universities and more prestigious schools because of the discounts, the ability to assess corporate credits, and the customer service promises. State schools and non-profit private schools are taking another look at their advertising, marketing, customer service and programs to see how they might compete in the future.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Online Education - The Changing Face of Education

Opportunities in education today would have been impossible even a few decades back. With the popularity of the Internet, easy accessibility to computers and the World Wide Web, higher education has been transformed into a new dynamic entity. With technology progressing at a rapid pace and demands changing almost daily, our lives are only becoming busier. The world around us is left with no option but to change and move along with the times to accommodate to our new schedules and requirements. This is more than apparent in the field of education. As times change, fewer and fewer students rely on the traditional method of attending classes at a college campus. The 'brick and mortar' type of education still exists but now side by side with the option of graduating from an online degree program as well.
As the number of people who look for ways to complete their education or improve their skills becomes too large, it is inevitable that a large number of colleges and universities take the necessary steps towards filling that need. But jobs, childcare and other family obligations limit the amount of time people can devote to their education, and thus, alternative arrangements are created. Online education has started gaining popularity and has now completely changed the way we approach education today.
Online degrees are now widely accepted and recognized as authentic educational qualifications. As long as the institution offering the degree is accredited by an accreditation agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, there should be no problem in the degree being accepted and acknowledged anywhere. Fully accredited online degree programs are now available in nearly every field. From management to medicine, law to accounting, there is a wide variety of choices on offer. Even obscure subjects and fields of study have found their place on the Internet. With degrees such as healthcare, students are even given the option of combining the practical aspect of their training at local hospitals or clinics along with virtual classes and studying online.
The flexibility of online education has opened up the doors of education to people from all walks of life. Stay at home moms and dads can now study from their own houses and employees can complete their assignments around their work schedules. There is 24 hour accessibility to the study material allowing for all night study sessions as well as the possibility of returning to subject matter again and again if necessary. And as universities continue to expand their options, the flexibility of online education will only increase. Students will be offered more options with the possibility of a custom created curriculum that suits their individual requirements and interests.
Distance learning also allows people hundreds of miles away to graduate with degrees from the college of their choice. Without spending a penny on gas or transport, students can make the most of a world class education with resources and faculty from all over the world. Through pre-recorded lectures, worksheets, assignments, e-classes, online forums, and tests, students can view, interact, and study from the comfort of their own space.
With a more flexible attendance policy, students can choose to tackle their workload as quickly or as slowly as they need to (all within a larger pre-determined schedule, of program). While this freedom may prove to be a little daunting to a new student, after completing a few programs, it becomes easier to get used to this new way of studying. To be successful in an online program, a large amount of self discipline and motivation is imperative. Without which it is all too easy to take advantage of the flexibility of the program and not achieve much. And while online education is definitely less expensive than a traditional degree program, to spend time, money and effort on something that is not taken seriously will not accomplish anything in the long run.
Online education in short offers every individual the right information in the right format at the right time for the best chances of success. Once upon a time online schools were considered the next wave of education and that future is finally here - ready to change the way we look at education way beyond the boundaries of any classroom.
Stevens-Henager College was established in 1891 and is distinguished as one of the oldest colleges in Utah. It has trained generations of graduates through its on-campus and online programs for Master's, Bachelor's, and Occupational Associate's Degrees. Stevens-Henager College also offers FastFlex online degree programs for working professionals. Stevens-Henager's online graduate programs and fastflex degree programs helps in enhancing your career and your qualifications, while placement staff helps to find exciting job openings and even setting up interviews as well.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Change Your Child's Life With Twenty Successful Educational Strategies

Parents are always looking for a better way to assist with the education of their children. To motivate children, parents must first be motivated to help their children learn. The strategies provided in this article are a good beginning to ensure that children successfully navigate the education system.
1. Reading- Parents should start reading to their children at a very early age. Reading should be encouraged at all times. Children should have a library card and visit books stores on a regular schedule. Parents can have children memorize a poem or a small speech to help keep their mind sharp and ready for reading.
2. Math-Children should be taught at a young age that math is a very important subject. Parents should verbally ask math questions (mental math) with their children whenever possible. Questions can be addition, subtraction or multiple computations. Answers should be also verbal. Start with small math problems. Children should also be allowed to participate in real life math problems such as: buying articles or food at a store on their own, weighting fruits and vegetables at the market and measuring things in the kitchen.
3. Homework- A homework schedule should be developed for children, including what time to do homework each day, how much time should be dedicated to homework each day, and where in the house to do homework. In addition, if the school doesn't provide a homework assignment on any given day the parent should develop homework assignments. Reading is always appropriate for homework.
4. Home Organization- Parents should organize their home for success by creating a special room with educational tools available such as: computer, printer, books, pens, paper, dictionary, newspapers and magazines. In addition, the house should have book shelves throughout the house with lots of books. The house should also be organized with educational posters, pictures, certificates and awards in the appropriate rooms.
5. Parental Involvement-Parents should be involved with their children's activities throughout their educational career. Attending parent teacher conferences, talking to children about their school work, checking school assignments with them, enrolling them into educational programs after school and during summer months, reading to and with them and providing lots of encouragements is a must for all parents.
6. Career Exposure -Whenever possible, children should be exposed to people working in different jobs. For example, having children talk with doctors, lawyers, teachers and other professionals about what they do on their jobs is a good beginning. Encourage children to read about various careers. Shadowing friends on their jobs is another excellent way to help children focus their minds and direct their attention to thinking about their own future.
7. Allowance- Parents should give children an allowance on a weekly or biweekly schedule if children complete all home responsibilities. Responsibilities should include doing homework everyday, studying, completing all assignments at school and reading regularly. Parents should also have other home responsibilities for their children.
8. Time Management- Parents should work with their children to develop a schedule for success. The schedule should include everything from what time to get up in the morning, to what time to go to bed, to what time to eat, what time to do homework, what time to go to practice, what time to do chores around the house and the schedule should be written down. Giving children some kind of planner with a big calendar would help them write it down and help them become better organized.
9. Encouragement- When children earn good grades, parents should give them positive strokes and explain to them how important it is keep good grades. Also, when students bring home their report cards, they could be placed on the refrigerator door so the entire family can see the accomplishments and make additional encouraging statements. This can also be done with tests and quizzes. Praise your children whenever they do well on any assignment at school, and display the finish assignment throughout the house.
10. Educational Trips- Educational trips to museums, zoo and plays are a good way to expose children to cultural activities. Parents should spend time with children discussing what was observed on trips. Family trips out of town could be scheduled to popular museums to give children deeper insights.
11. Musical Instrument- All children should learn how to play a musical instrumental. Learning to play the piano is very popular, but learning to play any instrument can help children improve their concentration, self- esteem and confidence. It can also advance student achievement by improving dexterity in hands, improve reading skills, reinforcing memorization skills and developing better social skills through interaction with others.
12. Educational Programs-Enroll children into educational programs after school and during the summer months. Programs should have some educational value as well as being interesting to the participant. Children will improve social skills and students achievement at the same time.
13. Join Church-Attending church and Sunday school can help improve a student achievement level by studying the Bible, giving speeches, learning how to be dedicated, learning good values, having faith, and learning how to respect life, etc.:
14. Self Esteem- Develop positive self-esteem by having children begin the day brushing their teeth and looking in the mirror to make positive statements about themselves, their day or their dreams. He/she could make positive statements such as: I am an outstanding student, or I am the best athlete on the team, or I will earn an A on my test. Also, have he/she to counteract any negative statements with positive statements.
15. Reward- Rewards for children can be a motivator for success. When children are successful at school, parents should provide small rewards of appreciation. Parents could cook their child's favorite meal, take them out to a restaurant, allow them to stay up later, or play video games a little longer. Parents should decide what they believe is appropriate. Don't over do it.
16. Be an Example- Parents should demonstrate how education is important in their home by reading the newspaper or books around their children. Taking children with them when they go to purchase books at the book store is a good example. Parents displaying their degree's or awards in their home is important to family.
17. Demonstrate Love- Love should always be a part of the decisions that parents make concerning their children. Parents should always understand that improving their child's education is very important, but love is what will help children to accomplish their goals. Hugging children to show appreciation and love is important.
18. Goals-The setting of goals should start at an early age. Parents should start asking children what their interests in life are at a young age. The favorite question of some parents is: what do you want to do when you grow up? Parents can influence children's goals by talking to them about what their best subjects. Have children to develop short term goals, such as: I will earn two A's on my next report card. With that goal have them write a plan on how they will reach that goal. The same thing can be done with long term goals. Celebrate when children reach goals.
19. Extra Curricula Activities- Being a part of activities and sports outside of the regular school day is a good way to keep children sharp and alert for their academic workload. Children should be a part of some activity that keeps their interest and keeps them motivated. They should also understand that academics are first and if their grades are not at a high level, all activities will stop.
20. High Expectations - If children know from day one that their parents expect good grades in school, chances are their grades will be good. Parents should always tell children what they expect, but be realistic when making these expectations. The expectations should be attainable and a bit above what the child thinks of himself or herself, and through encouragement and consistency, great things can happen! When expectations are developed, support to make the expected outcome should also be presented. Example; If parents expect the child to learn how to play the piano in six months, they must provide a piano teacher, piano and a time to practice the piano.
Parents probably have the greatest influence on the success or failure of their children. Parents who get involved and seek positive strategies are ensuring a successful life for their family. The strategies listed above is a sample of the many ways parents can utilize to motivate their children for success at school and in life.